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Professional Trips

Professional trips have been a popular component of our Program. They allow our scholars to visit a variety of organizations related to international development and international cooperation. They are also expected to help participants with the research related to their master’s thesis.

List of destinations in the past cohorts
12th Cohort 2013~2015 Nagoya
12th Cohort 2013~2015 Okinawa / Nagoya
12th Cohort 2013~2015 Okinawa / Nagoya
11th Cohort 2013~2015 Okinawa / Singapore
10th Cohort 2013~2015 Okinawa / Singapore
9th Cohort 2011~2013 Hokkaido / Taiwan
8th Cohort 2009~2011 Yokohama / Shanghai
7th Cohort 2007~2009 Hiroshima / Hong Kong

List of destinations in the past cohorts
14th Cohort / Nagoya

List of destinations in the past cohorts
13th Cohort / Okinawa


Internships provide a practical perspective on public policy issues and to complement the formal instruction received in the classroom. We have been running this component of the Program since 2009 in response to scholars’ requests.

Host institutions included the Asia Development Bank Institute (ADBI, Tokyo), the Institute of Advanced Study of the United Nations University (UNU/IAS, Yokohama), Japan HIV Center (Tokyo), Institute of Cultural Affairs (Tokyo) and the Statistical Information Institute for Consulting and Analysis.

Special Seminars

Special Seminars
Special Seminar by Dr. Ryota Nakatani
(Economist in International Monetary Fund)

The Program sponsors a series of Special Seminars where distinguished guest speakers develop a variety of subjects ranging from current issues in social and development policy to theoretical exposés in economics and other social sciences.

Japanese Language Lessons

Japanese Language Lessons
Scholar practicing Japanese

We are well aware that, even if the Japanese language is not needed for the academic activities of the Program, a minimal grasp of it is important for daily life in Japan and, beyond that, for a more thorough understanding of the Japanese way of life and culture and a more meaningful interaction with its people. A basic course in Japanese Language is offered to all scholars during their first months in Tsukuba and, in addition, intermediate lessons are available for those interested in deepening their knowledge of the language.




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