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The University of Tsukuba is a national university founded in October 1973 and set in the new Tsukuba Science City on the basis of the older Tokyo University of Education. Its aim is to contribute to the promotion of scientific research and cultural exchanges. While many Japanese universities have too often tended to remain cloistered in their own narrow and specialized fields, the University of Tsukuba decided from its inception to be different. To this end it defined a new concept of education and research.

The objective of the Program in Economic and Public Policy is to provide, within the time frame of 18 months, training and the necessary skills for the conception, design, and implementation of development policies. Our focus is on International Development with a trans-disciplinary approach to the economic and social problems of developing countries and former socialist countries. We endeavor to contribute to the creation of an international community of highly trained professionals grappling with the daily challenges of economic and social development. Participants from the previous cohorts have taken up prestigious positions back in their home countries, some as policy managers, yet others as researchers or scholars in academic institutions. We expect, together with the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, our sponsoring institutions, many more talented and motivated professionals to join us and to apply their newly enhanced knowledge and skills to help accelerate the pace of economic and social development in their countries.

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