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Faculty Members

Minowa, Mari

Minowa, Mari [Director]

Ph.D. in Economics, Cornell University

She specializes in the fields of development economics, social sector policies in developing countries, and economics of Latin America. She was an economist at the World Bank (1993-2000) and a visiting expert at the UN-ESCAP (2000-2002) before coming to Tsukuba.

Naito, Hisahiro

Naito, Hisahiro (Personal Website) [Deputy Director]

Ph.D. in Economics, the University of Michigan Ann Arbor

He specializes in public policy and public economics. Before he joined the University of Tsukuba in 2004, he taught and did research at Syracuse University (New York, USA), University of California Irvine (California, USA) and Institute of Social Economics Research (Osaka, Japan).

Kashiwagi, Kenichi

Kashiwagi, Kenichi

Ph.D. in International Political Economy, University of Tsukuba

He specializes in Development Economics, Applied Economics, and economic development of Middle East and North African countries. His current research interest includes issues of poverty and unemployment, migration and agricultural development in North Africa. Before joining the faculty of University of Tsukuba, he was a researcher and economic adviser of the Embassy of Japan in Egypt.

Kurokawa, Yoshinori

Kurokawa, Yoshinori (Personal Website)

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Minnesota

He is an economist who specializes in International Trade, Industrial Organization, Economic Growth and Development, Macroeconomics. Before joining the committee, he taught at the University of Minnesota (2004-2007) and the State University of New York at Buffalo (2007-2009).

Kurokawa, Yoshinori

Moges, Abu Girma

Ph.D. in International Political Economy, University of Tsukuba

I teach courses in microeconomics, international finance, and development economics. I have wide research interest in issues dealing with the interactions between economic theory and economic policy, poverty and inequality analysis, fiscal policy and decentralization, global population aging and policy, and African political economy.

Nakano, Yuko

Nakano, Yuko

Ph.D. in Development Economics, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

She specializes in development economics and agriculture development in Sub-Saharan Africa. Before she joined the University of Tsukuba in 2012, she worked for International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines and Tanzania.

Yu, Zhengfei

Yu, Zhengfei

Ph.D. in Economics, University of British Columbia

He specializes in Econometrics. His research fields include nonparameteric and semiparameteric methods, program evaluation, and weak identification. He joined University of Tsukuba in 2015.

Tkach-Kawasaki, Leslie

Tkach-Kawasaki, Leslie

Ph.D. in International Political Economy, University of Tsukuba

She specializes in political communication, politics and new media, Internet studies, comparative website content analysis, and methodology and technology. Her current research interests include cross-national political communication, new media and disasters, and e-learning. Her papers have appeared in international peer-reviewed journals such as Party Politics and Social Science Computer Review.

Mohammad Abdul Malek

Mohammad Abdul Malek

Ph.D. in Rural Economics, Tottori University

By training he is a development and agriculture economist, and interested mostly in field experiments/program evaluation. Before moving to Tsukuba, he was working at different capacities with Kyoto University, The University of Tokyo, BRAC (World largest NGO) and University of Bonn (Germany). His research projects got funding from JSPS, 3ie, IGC, Gates Foundation, DFAT, etc. Due to professional reason, he is linked with a number of professional societies and have been nominated as one of the Executive Committee Members for Asian Society for Agricultural Economists (2017-2020).

Program Officers

Toshie Miura

Stephen Harrison

Rie Okushi

Hiromi Tsuzuki

Contact: wbgsp@dpipe.tsukuba.ac.jp




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