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Name Donnette Ritchie
Country Guyana
Cohort 14th

Studying at the University of Tsukuba in the Program for Economic and Public Policy has been an enriching experience. The knowledge gained has been invaluable in helping me to develop my research skills. The necessary skill of time management is also developed in order to deal with the challenging aspects of the various courses. Because of the small size of the cohort you will be able to have great group discussions with fellow scholars and also receive advice and guidance from the professors. The environment at the University of Tsukuba is quiet, peaceful and conducive for learning. Apart from enhancing your academic knowledge, the University of Tsukuba provides an awesome cultural experience. There are study trips that will add to the knowledge gained in the classroom. And the homestay program provides an excellent opportunity to understand the Japanese cultural. Also, it is good to take advantage of interacting with Japanese students and the many other persons that you will come into contact with from many different countries. Being a part of this program is a rewarding experience.

Name Dymon Gondwe
Country Malawi
Cohort 14th

Welcome all to Japan, and Tsukuba University in particular. I personally enjoyed this program as it has equipped me with the rare skills to solving problems facing my country, especially in the area of education planning and management. The assistance of the Professors and the program staff in my academic life as well as the adequacy and relevance of teaching and learning materials have made my stay in Tsukuba a worthwhile experience. The uniqueness and cultural diversity of my cohort members have only served to unite us, and that has contributed tremendously to my academic success. Out-of-class activities like the Homestay program and the Field trip have enriched my understanding of how life in Japan operates.

Name Moges Endalamaw Yigermal
Country Ethiopia
Cohort 14th

Before I came to Japan I had two objectives to accomplish, one was acquiring the knowledge’s and experiences required to award master’s degree in Economic policy and sharing experience with my fellow scholars who comes from across different parts of the globe, and the other was learning the culture and development/modernization process of Japan. I was influenced by the mid-20th century intellectuals of my country- that we latter referred them as Japanizers (Japanizers is a term used to refer a group of intellectuals who were advocating Ethiopia to follow Japanese modernization /development model). These Ethiopian-Japanizers was impressed by the Meiji transformation that had on Japanese development journey and they even modeled Japanese Meiji constitution of 1889 to write the first Ethiopian constitution of 1931. I can say that my presence in Japan or and the University Tsukuba was beyond an academic journey where I achieved two of my objectives that I set to realize. Tsukuba University and PEPP (Program in Economic and Public policy) is the right choice for everyone who wants excel on Economic research and Public Policies. I would like to suggest PEPP to everyone who wants to pursue master’s degree in Economics and have interest on the development process of Japan. Here in Tsukuba University you will meet dedicated and multi-skilled supervisors in different field of expertise, very Kind and helpful faculty staffs which makes your academic journey pleasant. Come earn your master’s degree and become expert on Policy issues of your country! Tsukuba daigaku e yōkoso!

Name Carlos Camoes
Country Timor-Leste
Cohort 14th

This program really enhances my knowledge and experience through essential courses and practical assignments given by professors with extensive knowledge and experience. Apart from that, I have also enjoyed study trip to Nagoya, where I learnt about Toyota manufacturing and its success story, Automated Container loading, steal manufacturing company etc. This gives me inspiration on how hard work and determination really plays a key role for a person and or a country to succeed. Moreover, home stay program has made the program more colorful in which I got chance to stay with one kind Japanese family and learn about Japanese culture more closely. This program allows me to make friend with the family and our friendship continues after home stay. That makes me feel like I have a family in Japan now. Last but not least, this program has extended my friendship and connection with my fellow cohort from country, continent and culture. This is all a priceless experience.

Name Zowah Woniewala
Country Liberia
Cohort 14th

The knowledge gained from well experience Professors, experience and benefit of schooling in a developed country, Japanese culture and the basis of Japanese language, interaction with colleagues from other countries are just few reasons that I will recommend the University of Tsukuba to anyone. Those that are anticipating a career in economics and are highly interested in research the Program in Economics and Public Policy (PEPP) is just what you need to jump-start your career path. Tsukuba is an international city where you will come across almost every national in this world. Whenever you are lot or facing difficulties there is always someone there to assist you with a way out. The University is a very quiet and save place for studies. There are lots of quiet parks around the campus that you can even go and study when you are bored in your room. To this end, Tsukuba University is a fountain of knowledge that when you drink your thirst will forever be quenched. Imagine the future!

Name Sabina A. Savory
Country Guyana
Cohort 13th

I am fortunate to have been provided the opportunity to pursue my Master’s Degree at the University of Tsukuba, through a Joint Japan/Work Bank funded scholarship for the Program in Economic and Public Policy (PEPP). Being a PEPP scholar was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. The M.A. in Economics is a very well structured and challenging programme that offered me a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge of Economics, with guidance from exceptional professors. PEPP targets international students and this shifted me towards a more metropolitan outlook, to experience different cultures and to establish a broad alumni social network. I particularly enjoyed my homestay experience with a wonderful Japanese family and the many field trips that gave me a fascinating glimpse into Japanese culture and way of life. Having my own independence and benefiting from rich cultural experiences while doing diverse assignments, made PEPP the right programme for me. Through PEPP, I have developed a relevant toolbox of skills, experiences and references which enable me to create lasting impact in Guyana, my home.

Name Syed Zulqernain Hussain
Country Pakistan
Cohort 13th

The 18 months I spent at the University of Tsukuba is the most memorable time of my life both in academic and personal aspects. First of all, I am grateful to ADB for providing me the opportunity to pursue my dream of getting quality education in one of the world's best countries. When I was about to land in Japan for the first time, I thought I knew all about Economics and my journey at the PEPP would be very easy as I was working at the Central Bank for six years. But I was wrong, the bundle of knowledge and education I got here in University of Tsukuba was beyond my expectations. The professors were so educated and knowledgeable and there was not a single question which remained unanswered. The professors made sure that we run an extra mile to get better understanding of topics we studied. The university also provided me the opportunity to explore the culture of Japan. Home-stay with a traditional Japanese family is the memory which I will cherish for the rest of my life. In the end, I would like to highly recommend this course for all students and professionals related to economics. The treasure of knowledge I found out at University of Tsukuba will last for a very long time.

Name Adam Chamunorwa Mupinda
Country Zimbabwe
Cohort 11th

The credibility that a PEPP qualification affords and the skills it cultivates are certainly going to be key assets for my future career development and will give me an urge to become an economic change agent for my country and the region at large. Understanding the political economy at an international level and the social thought process, which is one of the thrusts of the PEPP program, is a major asset. The PEPP program curriculum is well designed and well acclaimed by alumni. It is an honour to be a World Bank Scholar in this program with so many distinguished professors. With the benevolence of the World Bank and the Japanese government, I also got the opportunity to be part of a study trip to Okinawa and of an invaluable “homestay” with a Japanese family, which served as an eye opener into the Japanese culture. The Japanese lessons in a friendly atmosphere were also invaluable. I sincerely hope more and more aspiring colleagues from developing countries will find their way to the University of Tsukuba and avail of this opportunity of a lifetime.

Name Och Dangaasuren
Country Mongolia
Cohort 11th

I was very fortunate to achieve one of my lifetime goals – pursuing graduate studies here at the University of Tsukuba as a scholar of the PEPP program funded by the Asian Development Bank. I love the environment of Tsukuba, especially around the University, which is quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. As a PEPP scholar, you will gain vast new knowledge and experience through regular and intensive courses. You will hear from the professors with a lot of expertise in their research fields. Working with these professors provides you with a great opportunity to enhance your theoretical, empirical and cultural understandings. Apart from the course work, you will experience domestic study trips which will enhance your empirical skills. Also, you will meet students from all over the world, make friends, and learn from them. Sharing experiences with other students has been among my most memorable moments. The PEPP scholarship will be one of your best opportunities to obtain a graduate degree here in Japan and I urge you not to miss this great opportunity.

Name Maman Alimansyah
Country Indonesia
Cohort 10th

Opening insight by looking at a different way of thinking and participating with the best students from any states is an experience you’ll get in this program. You will learn a lot from University of Tsukuba, one of the best universities in Japan. Through the program, you will get useful knowledge to your career and to progress your country. You will have opportunity to attend compulsory courses, and choose the courses according to your important consideration. In addition to discuss with colleagues, you will meet with qualified professors in the classroom. The program also offers the introduction of Japanese culture through home stay program, which will make you become an integral part of Japan connected by native. You will also live in a small town Tsukuba Science city, an absolutely amazing city and perfect for students, which makes you become more amazed. I highly recommend joining with the program at the University of Tsukuba

Name Humayun Qaisar
Country Pakistan
Cohort 10th

To study in University of Tsukuba, Japan was challenging but most interesting and memorable experience of my life that I will never forget. I feel very lucky to have an opportunity to study in this prestigious university. If you want to pursue your career in the field of Economics/International Public Policy and you have a passion to learn, I think this is the right place, where you will meet people from the globe having diversified cultures. You will find dedicated, interactive and friendly supervisors, faculty members and supporting staff. It is not only a great chance to learn about the field of study you are interested in but you will get to know about the most civilized and disciplined culture of Japanese (that you barely get to know much about) and also a chance to discover the beautiful nature of real human beings.

Name Sry Bopharath
Country Cambodia
Cohort 10th

I have gained rich experience – academically and personally – from the PEPPM. The quality of teaching and supervision is outstanding because the teaching staff is highly dedicated and supportive. The curriculum is well designed to provide both academic and professional knowledge with subjects ranging from those focused on economics to those on professional skills. The provision of local and international internship opportunities is very enriching. I have also benefited greatly from the physical and cultural environment of the university and its various extra-curricular activities, including swimming class and trips to different parts of Japan. The PEPPM has not only provided me with knowledge and confidence but also inspired me to become an outstanding economist.

Name Abiyot Seleshe Yimer
Country Ethiopia
Cohort 10th

Please travel to Tsukuba Science city, 34.72 miles or 55.87 km northeast of Tokyo. “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Augstin. It is beautiful and clean research city; it is a place where the big University resides at the center, “University of Tsukuba”.”Dozo yoroshiku onegaishmasu” The wide green campus forces you not only to imagine the future but also make you to be inspired by today. The University is a campus of infinite biodiversity and a symbol of multiculturalism of having more than 20 programs and over 240 clubs and associations; friendly professors are good reference of an attitude that research and development are two sides of a coin. Knowledge is everywhere, from fetching a bottle of drink in the machine near your room to traveling far distances can tell you about what technology means. Rigorous course work during the regular class hour can answer for the secrets of the current easy life. Different festivals are always there to tell you about the culture. Time is a machine that goes fast we enjoyed a spoon from the ocean. We are now birds neither too busy flying to be scared nor afraid to fly long. Many thanks for the good time we had; thanks also for my fellow classmates around the world. Miss you Tsukuba, sayonara Japan!! Life goes on…

Name Nelson Atip Nema
Country Papua New Guinea
Cohort 10th

I have enjoyed the privileges that Tsukuba has offered me in furthering my education to a master’s level in developing my research skills and knowledge in the field of economics of which I lacked initially. The learning environment here is very conducive with well equipped computers and extensive and latest research information data bases can be obtained in the central library with much ease. The allocation of private cubicles spaces in study rooms made me feel cared for by the administration which helped to invest my time more meaningfully into my studies. I love Tsukuba very much not only because it has offered me the best place to study but it has also been more than a home to me for two years. Memories of my study life here will be my souvenir I will take home after leaving this place.

Name Carlos Mario Urtecho
Country Nicaragua
Cohort 8th

It was a bright cold day in April 2009 when I started my graduate journey in Tsukuba. I was nervous and excited but my anxiety died out quickly after meeting our skillful program coordinators, my fellow scholars, and our exceptional instructors. The courses are challenging but you will have the opportunity to openly discuss different subjects in classes, forums and seminars, and hopefully, as it was my case, realize you have learned much more than you had expected to. Your advisers will provide you with guidance on any question you might have and their disposition to support you will by far outlast the length of the program itself. There is also time for leisure, making friends with the most fascinating people from around the world and getting to know the beautiful Japanese culture and its neighboring countries. がんばってください!(Good Luck in Japanese)

Name Debosree Banerjee
Country India
Cohort 8th

I had a long term picture about my career but the Program in Economic and Public Policy Management at University of Tsukuba has helped to shape it. I find the best thing about the program is that it has two components. In the first year the students are required to go through a comprehensive course work and in the second they produce their own research output under the supervision of highly qualified and knowledgeable professors. This is definitely an opportunity for those who wish to pursue their career in research as the coursework component perfectly complements the research part and the students get training on how to do serious research. In addition, diverse range of facilities, like the huge supporting equipments, library access and the scholarship support from JJ/WBGS have developed a nice academic environment in the campus. Therefore, I highly recommend the aspiring students to apply for the program.

Name Xuan Wei
Country China
Cohort 6th

Dear current students and prospective students,
My name is Xuan, JJ/WBGS Program 6th cohort student. The two years I spent in Tsukuba under this program were really wonderful and lifetime influencing.
The great thing of this program, as I recognized, is whatever prior background you have, or whatever career you are pursuing, you can always find a point matching your interests to this program. After two years, no matter which sector you are intended to work for, you are capable of conducting independent data analysis, and provide some policy suggestions. Professors here specializing in different fields are ready to help you go through this process. If you plan to go to a Ph.D program afterwards, training in this program will get you well prepared for any other Economics Ph.D program.
So, there is no reason not to apply for this program. Then, work hard and you will get rewarded.

Name Eutycus Kariuki
Country Kenya
Cohort 6th

I highly recommend Tsukuba university and the World Bank programme for the superb environment and skills that are imparted. The campus has all the neccesary facilities you could ever need, coupled with top class instructors by any international standards. The international mix of the cohorts from around the continents all over the globe spices the rigorous routine of economics course work to make it fun, enjoyable and very stimulating. For anyone interested in learning and acquiring international exposure in academia, JJ/WBGSP of Tsukuba is perhaps one of the best places to get started.

Name Renato Aristides Orozco Pereira
Country Brazil
Cohort 6th

What to say about life in Tsukuba? It is a small city with abundant life. Although most of the time you will be caged in your study room, trying to solve difficult equations or to polish a due paper, the city has many options for sport and cultural activity, not to say that it lies just 45 minutes from Tokyo, multiplying your options exponentially.Notwithstanding, the most memorable times I cherish in Tsukuba are those precious moments I spent with my friends. Here you will make friends from every corner of the world. It is an internationalized city, bringing the benefit from all the learning brought up by cultural diversification. If this was not enough, coming to Tsukuba will let you fully experience and appreciate the hospitality of Japanese culture through the always caring Japanese friends, colleagues and professors.

Name Victor Perez Centeno
Country Peru
Cohort 4th

I just have words of inspiration and gratefulness when I remember my time in Tsukuba, one of the leading Universities in Japan. The synergies created with the World Bank made of their Master Programme in Policy Management and International Political Economy a top-notch opportunity for all of us who are committed to visionarily lead the destin of our countries. I only recommend this two-years full-time endeavour to extremely motivated and talented professionals ambicious enough to make the dream of a better world to come true.

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