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Name Donnette Ritchie
Country Guyana
Cohort 14th

Studying at the University of Tsukuba in the Program for Economic and Public Policy has been an enriching experience. The knowledge gained has been invaluable in helping me to develop my research skills. The necessary skill of time management is also developed in order to deal with the challenging aspects of the various courses. Because of the small size of the cohort you will be able to have great group discussions with fellow scholars and also receive advice and guidance from the professors. The environment at the University of Tsukuba is quiet, peaceful and conducive for learning. Apart from enhancing your academic knowledge, the University of Tsukuba provides an awesome cultural experience. There are study trips that will add to the knowledge gained in the classroom. And the homestay program provides an excellent opportunity to understand the Japanese cultural. Also, it is good to take advantage of interacting with Japanese students and the many other persons that you will come into contact with from many different countries. Being a part of this program is a rewarding experience.

Name Dymon Gondwe
Country Malawi
Cohort 14th

Welcome all to Japan, and Tsukuba University in particular. I personally enjoyed this program as it has equipped me with the rare skills to solving problems facing my country, especially in the area of education planning and management. The assistance of the Professors and the program staff in my academic life as well as the adequacy and relevance of teaching and learning materials have made my stay in Tsukuba a worthwhile experience. The uniqueness and cultural diversity of my cohort members have only served to unite us, and that has contributed tremendously to my academic success. Out-of-class activities like the Homestay program and the Field trip have enriched my understanding of how life in Japan operates.

Name Moges Endalamaw Yigermal
Country Ethiopia
Cohort 14th

Before I came to Japan I had two objectives to accomplish, one was acquiring the knowledge’s and experiences required to award master’s degree in Economic policy and sharing experience with my fellow scholars who comes from across different parts of the globe, and the other was learning the culture and development/modernization process of Japan. I was influenced by the mid-20th century intellectuals of my country- that we latter referred them as Japanizers (Japanizers is a term used to refer a group of intellectuals who were advocating Ethiopia to follow Japanese modernization /development model). These Ethiopian-Japanizers was impressed by the Meiji transformation that had on Japanese development journey and they even modeled Japanese Meiji constitution of 1889 to write the first Ethiopian constitution of 1931. I can say that my presence in Japan or and the University Tsukuba was beyond an academic journey where I achieved two of my objectives that I set to realize. Tsukuba University and PEPP (Program in Economic and Public policy) is the right choice for everyone who wants excel on Economic research and Public Policies. I would like to suggest PEPP to everyone who wants to pursue master’s degree in Economics and have interest on the development process of Japan. Here in Tsukuba University you will meet dedicated and multi-skilled supervisors in different field of expertise, very Kind and helpful faculty staffs which makes your academic journey pleasant. Come earn your master’s degree and become expert on Policy issues of your country! Tsukuba daigaku e yōkoso!

Name Fazly Mohammad Hamid
Country Afghanistan
Cohort 14th

Gain the tools you need to deepen your impact: The University of Tsukuba is one of the oldest national and foremost comprehensive research universities in Japan. The University offers a relaxed, pleasant, college-town feel and has a wonderful green campus. You are certain to have an unparalleled studying experience in this school because all the conveniences of the capital are within easy reach. In addition, the PEPP program supports you to be dynamic, collaborative, rises you to make a difference in your communities. Moreover, it empowers you through a newly designed curriculum that brings together academic, skills-based, and hands-on learning to serve with the tools you need to make your efforts more effective; to identify innovative solutions to complex global problems and promote change through values-based leadership. The program's staff and administration, professors' support and dedication for making all this work help to ensure academic excellence in meeting the needs of the students. In fact, I have grown the most in my life during my time here as a student, and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. I will always carry these memories in my heart. Finally, graduating from this program will help you appeal to high-quality employers, particularly those involved in developing economic policies and development projects.

Name Carlos Camoes
Country Timor-Leste
Cohort 14th

This program really enhances my knowledge and experience through essential courses and practical assignments given by professors with extensive knowledge and experience. Apart from that, I have also enjoyed study trip to Nagoya, where I learnt about Toyota manufacturing and its success story, Automated Container loading, steal manufacturing company etc. This gives me inspiration on how hard work and determination really plays a key role for a person and or a country to succeed. Moreover, home stay program has made the program more colorful in which I got chance to stay with one kind Japanese family and learn about Japanese culture more closely. This program allows me to make friend with the family and our friendship continues after home stay. That makes me feel like I have a family in Japan now. Last but not least, this program has extended my friendship and connection with my fellow cohort from country, continent and culture. This is all a priceless experience.

Name Zowah Woniewala
Country Liberia
Cohort 14th

The knowledge gained from well experience Professors, experience and benefit of schooling in a developed country, Japanese culture and the basis of Japanese language, interaction with colleagues from other countries are just few reasons that I will recommend the University of Tsukuba to anyone. Those that are anticipating a career in economics and are highly interested in research the Program in Economics and Public Policy (PEPP) is just what you need to jump-start your career path. Tsukuba is an international city where you will come across almost every national in this world. Whenever you are lot or facing difficulties there is always someone there to assist you with a way out. The University is a very quiet and save place for studies. There are lots of quiet parks around the campus that you can even go and study when you are bored in your room. To this end, Tsukuba University is a fountain of knowledge that when you drink your thirst will forever be quenched. Imagine the future!

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Voices from Current Scholars