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PEPP Special Seminars Schedule, AY2022


Spring ABC:
2022/05/19 (Thur.)
Speaker: Prof. Fukai (Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba)
Chair: Prof. Kurokawa
Time: 16:45~18:15
Title: “How elastic is capacity choice in welfare facilities? Evidence from notches in Japan’s childcare subsidy scheme”

2022/05/26 (Thur.) 
Speaker: Prof. Ramdani (Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba) 
Chair: Prof. Kurokawa
Time: 16:45~18:15
Title: “The uncertainty of geospatial data: category, how to handle, manage, and minimize it”

2022/06/16 (Thur.)
Speaker: Prof. Sawada Yasuyuki (Professor, University of Tokyo)
Chair: Prof. Malek
Time: 15:30~16:00 (Reception, Q&A), 16:45~18:15 (Seminar)
Title: “Asia’s Journey to Prosperity”
Format: Online

Zoom Link (pre-registration required):

2022/06/23 (Thur.) 
Speaker: Prof. Ryo Nakajima (Professor, Keio University) 
Chair: Prof. Kurokawa
Time: 16:45~18:15
Title: “Marshall Meets Bartik: Revisiting the Mysteries of the Trade (with Yasusada Murata)”
Format: Onsite (University of Tsukuba) Room 3A308

2022/07/07 (Thur.)
Speaker: Prof. Qian Xingwang (Professor, Buffalo State (SUNY))
Chair: Prof. Kurokawa
Time: 16:45~18:15
Title: “International reserve management, global financial shocks, and firm investment in emerging market economies”
Format: Onsite (University of Tsukuba) Room A101, Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences Building   

2022/07/14 (Thur.)
Speaker: Dr. Tomohiro Hara (Alumni of University of Tsukuba, College of International Studies)
Chair: Prof. Minowa
Time: 16:45~18:15
Title: “Rainbow Nation” through Mass Media: Television, Cultural Diversity, and National Unity in Post-Apartheid South Africa”
Format: Onsite (University of Tsukuba) Room 3A308

2022/07/28 (Thur.)
Speaker: TBA
Prof. Naito

Fall ABC:
Speaker: TBA
Chair: Prof. Kashiwagi

2022/10/27 (Thur.)
Speaker: Dr.Shimamoto Daichi(Lecturer, Kindai University)
Chair: Prof. Matsushima
Title: TBA

2022/11/10 (Thur.)
Speaker: TBA
Chair: Prof. Moges

2022/11/24 (Thur.) 
Speaker: Dr. Takeshi Aida (Research Fellow, Institute of Developing Economies, Japan External Trade Organization (IDE-JETRO)) 
Chair: Prof. Nakano
Time: TBA
Title: TBA

2022/12/08 (Thur.) 
Speaker: Dr. Wu Wenchao (Research Fellow, Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences) 
Chair: Prof. Yu
Time: 16:45~18:15
Title: “The impact of land-based climate change mitigation measures on global agricultural markets and food security”

2023/01/12 (Thur.)
Speaker: TBA
Chair: Prof. Fukai

2023/01/26 (Thur.)
Speaker: TBA
Chair: Prof. Ramdani




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