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Finding a reasonable apartment or dormitory is one of the obstacles that international students in Japan face since the cost of housing is quite expensive in Japan. In universities located in Tokyo and the Kanto area, it is quite common for students to commute more than 60 minutes (one way) to find a reasonable dormitory or apartment, with monthly fees of more than 70,000 yen.

The University of Tsukuba, however, provides access to a range of reasonably priced housing for international students via university-managed dormitories. All dormitories are located on campus, with the most popular choice for international students situated less than 10 minutes’ walk from our main classroom building. The monthly fee of a standard-sized room amounts to an affordable 36,100 yen (as of April 2021). Click below for the latest dormitory guidebook:

One of the great advantages of a room on campus is easy access to our on-campus computer lab (open 24 hours-a-day), and library (open until mid-night). With the dormitory being so close to both, it is quite common for students to go to the library or the computer lab after having dinner at home.

Library seminar and individual study rooms are also available, and can be easily reserved. Seminar rooms are particularly helpful for group projects as spaces wherein students can hold group discussions; whilst individual study rooms serve as a fresh and welcome alternative for students bored with studying in their own dormitory room. Graduate students can also take advantage of a shared study office, as an on-campus space in which to keep books and discuss their latest research or course topics with classmates.

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