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Past Thesis Research

16th Cohort (2020 - 2022): 7 scholars

Name Country Thesis Title Thesis Abstract
Alumeci Lewacoki Rokobiau Fiji The Effect of Land Tenure Renewals on Sugar Production in Fiji: A Study using Administrative Data in Fiji pdf
Tesema Tadesse Milkano Ethiopia The Impact of Safety Net Program on Reduction of Infant Mortality: Evidence from Ethiopia pdf
Ammazia Hanif Pakistan Impact of Access to Improved Sanitation Facilities on Child Health in Pakistan pdf
Mphatso Chiwewe Malawi Effects of Minimum Farm gate price Policy on Maize Production in Malawi pdf
Richel Soncados Arrogancia Philippines The Impact of Internet Connectivity on Conflict: Evidence from the Philippines pdf
Isurun Upeksha Gamage Sri Lanka The Effect of PM 2.5 Air Pollution on Infant Mortality – A Study Based on DHS Dataset in Asian Countries pdf
Frank Samwel Tanzania Poultry Farming and Poverty Reduction in Tanzania pdf

15th Cohort (2019 - 2021): 14 scholars

Name Country Thesis Title Thesis Abstract
SAQIB SHAKEEL ABBASI Pakistan The Impact of Hybrid Varieties on the Productivity of Rice Cultivation: The Case of Sindh, Pakistan pdf
ARJAD ABBAS KHOSA Pakistan Impact of Trade on Industry Level Output pdf
ESNART PHIRI Malwai The Impact of Public Works Programme on Child Labor and Schooling: A Case of Malawi pdf
Karakadzai Makacha Zimbabwe The Effect of the Accelerated Land Redistribution Program on Household Income in Zimbabwe pdf
SENATOR KHALED Algeria What is the Impact of Tax Incentives on Bank Credit, Business Survival and Job Creation? Evidence from Algeria pdf
Golden Kapombe Nyasulu Malawi Are Input Subsidies and Agricultural Extension Complimentary? Evidence from Malawi pdf
Tharam Zarkpa QUAYE Liberia The Impact of Mining on Living Standards in Liberia pdf
Cep Kiki Kusumah Indonesia 12 Years Compulsory Education Policy and Education Participation Completeness: Evidence from Indonesia pdf
Tavonga Vhezha Zimbabwe Education of Children Living Without Biological Mothers: Analysis Using Demographic and Health Surveys of Sub-Sahara African Countries pdf
KYAW KOKO SWE Myanmar Does Birth Month Affect Development in Childhood and Adulthood? An Analysis Using the Demographic and Health Survey in Myanmar pdf
Dechen Tshomo Bhutan Government to Citizen (G2C) Initiatives of Royal Government of Bhutan: A Study on the Effectiveness of G2C Online Services pdf
Henry D. Z. Yanquo Liberia Recovery of Rice Production in Sierra Leone from the 2014 – 2015 Ebola Pandemic pdf
MUHAMMAD AURANGZAIB Pakistan Impact of Migration as a Mitigation Strategy on Consumption: Evidence from post 2010 Floods in Pakistan pdf
RYAN ARIEFIANSYAH Indonesia Connectivity Infrastructure Development and Its Impact on Regional Disparities: Evidence from Indonesia at the Beginning of the Digital Economy Era pdf

14th Cohort (2018 - 2020): 8 scholars

Name Country Thesis Title Thesis Abstract
Carlos Conde J.T. Neves de Camoes Timor-Leste The Impact of Female Headed Cash Transfer on Household Expenditure Consumption in Timor Leste pdf
Zowah Woniewala Liberia Household Shocks, Consumption and Remittance: A Case of Liberia pdf
Dymon Gondwe Malawi The Impact of Change of Medium of Instruction on Educational Outcomes pdf
Donnette Ritchie Guyana The Impact of Agricultural Diversification on Child Education: Evidence from a Longitudinal Survey in Bangladesh pdf
HEKIMA E CHENGULA Tanzania The Effect of Using Mosquito Bed Nets on Children School Attendance and Health Outcomes pdf
Moges Endalamaw Yigermal Ethiopia Rural Land Certification in Ethiopia: Impact Analysis on Land Rent Decision Behavior and Access to Credit pdf
Mohamed Abdelazim Mohamed Abdelrahman Sudan The Impact of Cooking Fuel Sources on the Respiratory Health of Children in Sudan pdf
MD Alamgir Hossain Bangladesh Impact of Credit on the Welfare of Rural Households: Evidence from a Long- Run Panel in Bangladesh pdf

13th Cohort (2017 - 2019): 14 scholars

Course in Economic Policy
Name Country Thesis Title Thesis Abstract
Aliya Utegaliyeva Kazakhstan Does Tax Information Exchange Affect Use of Offshore Companies? Analysis of the Panama Papers pdf
Askar Ismailov Uzbekistan The Effect of Mobile Money on Saving, Borrowing and Remittance: A Case of Tanzania pdf
Albert Benson Kimaro Tanzania The Effect of the Maize Export Ban on Maize Consumption: The Case of Tanzania pdf
Vetta Mzilahowa Malawi The Impact of Food Aid Programs on Land and Labor Productivity: A Case of Malawi pdf
ESKINDIR WORKU YITAYEW Ethiopia The Economic Incidence of Social Security Payroll Tax: Evidence from Ethiopia pdf
Syed Zulqernain Hussain Pakistan Impact of Terrorism on Consumer Sentiment and Inflation Rates in Pakistan: A City-Level Analysis pdf
Sabina Savory Guyana The Impact of Oil and Gas Production on Health and Education Outcomes for Men and Women pdf
Jessica Ethel Suri Solomon Islands Impact of Conflict on Trust in Formal Institutions  pdf
ZEWDU HILEGEBRIAL DECHASA Ethiopia Does Crop Diversification Increase Agricultural Productivity and Mitigate Negative Rainfall Shock?: Evidence from Ethiopia pdf
Digafe Tufa Maru Ethiopia Gold Mining and Child Disability Risk in Ethiopia: The Case of Odo Shakiso  pdf
Thit Thit Myo Myanmar A Link between Financial Development and International Trade: pdf
Mapitiyage Kuloja Gamindi Peiris Sri Lanka Impact of Infrastructure Investment on Trade: An Empirical Investigation for Sri Lanka pdf
Muhammad Saad Moeen Pakistan Impact of Cooking Energy Sources on Respiratory Health in Pakistan pdf
Monicah Siele Botswana The Impact of Diamond Production on the Living Standards in Botswana pdf
Zayzay F. Sillah Liberia An Empirical Analysis of Food Consumption: A Case Study of Liberia pdf
Course in Public Policy
Name Country Thesis Title Thesis Abstract
Fozia Aftab Pakistan Impact of Cash Transfers on Household Welfare in Flood Affected Areas: A Case of Pakistan pdf
MD SHAFIQUR RASHID Bangladesh The Effect of Youth Service Programme on Unemployed Youth: The Case of Bangladesh pdf

12th Cohort (2016 - 2018): 16 scholars

Course in Economic Policy
Name Country Thesis Title Thesis Abstract
Shahnaz  Akter Bangladesh The Impact of Flood Control, Drainage and Irrigation Project on Rice Production in Bangladesh pdf
ABRAHA, Negasi Gidey Ethiopia Land Fragmentation and Farmers’ Technical Efficiency in Ethiopia pdf
ANWAR, Zeeshan Pakistan The Effect of Globalization on School Attendance of Children in Primary School Age pdf
GEBREMESKEL, Yohannes Alemayehu Ethiopia The Effect of Land Certification Program on Migration and Labor Productivity in Ethiopia pdf
JAFAR, Anila Pakistan The Effect of Ramadan Observance during Pregnancy on Child Mortality and Pregnancy Termination pdf
SULEMANA, Faris Salman Ghana Effects of Teacher Training on Educational Outcomes in Ghana: The Case of Public Junior High Schools in Northern Region pdf
CHIRUME, Admire Tarisirayi Zimbabwe Estimating the Causal Effects of Insurance on Health Outcomes of Women in Zimbabwe: A Propensity Score Approach pdf
FAWAD, Khan Muhammad Pakistan Impact of Contract Farming on Land Productivity and Income of Maize and Potato Growers in Pakistan pdf
MASEKI, Salome Godwin Tanzania Effect of Mother’s Education on Fertility, Child - Death and Surviving Number of Children: Evidence from Tanzania pdf
MAPULANGA, Annie Mwayi Malawi An Empirical Analysis of Deforestation in Malawi pdf
MUMINOV, Farkhod Mukhammadiyevich Uzbekistan Evaluating Economies of Scale and Scope in Japanese Railways pdf
MESSAOUDI, Mohammed Algeria The Impact of Schooling on Wages in Formal Sector of Algeria pdf
Course in Public Policy
Name Country Thesis Title Thesis Abstract
Mandinyenya, Juliet Zimbabwe Tax Compliance in Zimbabwe: An Analysis of Taxation Issues of Small to Medium Enterprises pdf
ZUBAIR, Nazila Indonesia Abstract pdf
BEKNAZAROVA, Mukhabbat Abdievna Kyrgyz Post-Project Sustainability: A Case Study of the Agricultural Investments and Services Project in the Kyrgyz Republic pdf
MUSHUMBA, Martin Zambia Abstract pdf

11th Cohort (2015 - 2017): 15 scholars

Course in Economic Policy
Name Country Thesis Title Thesis Abstract
MALIK ABDELLA FRAGELLA GOUBARA Sudan Calibration and Estimation of Real Business Cycle for the Sudanese Economy pdf
Jaji, Henry Munashe Zimbabwe The Effect of Mobile Money Adoption on Children School Attendance: Evidence from Zimbabwe pdf
Dangaasuren, Och Mongolia The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on the Performance of Domestic Firms - A Study Using the Enterprise Survey of Mongolia pdf
Dang Huyen Trang Vietnam The Impact of Education on Households' Income in Vietnam over 2006-2014 pdf
Harsugi Indonesia The Effect of Tax Rate on Reported Income, A Study of Indonesian Individual Income Tax Following Sunset Policy Program of 2008/2009 pdf
Phann Vannty Cambodia A Study on Causal Relationship of Foreign Direct Investment and Labor Productivity in Selected Developed European Countries pdf
Bulti, Alemayehu Boru Ethiopia Why Does Manufacturing Export Share Rise Even as Its Output Share Falls in Many African Countries? pdf
Mahovo, Nomore Zimbabwe The Impact of Electricity on School Attendance in the Rural Areas of Zimbabwe pdf
Yao Di China The Effects of Exchange Rates on China's International Trade pdf
Course in Public Policy
Name Country Thesis Title Thesis Abstract
Ali, Mansoor Pakistan Issues and Challenges in Public Sector Recruitment in Pakistan (2004-2014) pdf
Sapkota, Yog Maya Nepal Analysis of Inclusive Development Policies in Nepal since 1990 pdf
Saleem, Umer Pakistan Impact of Employee Commitment on Organizational Performance in Ministry of Planning Development and Reform, Pakistan pdf
Lam Thi Huong Tra Vietnam E-Participation in Vietnam: Challenges and Opportunities pdf
Bassey, Ovat Ita Nigeria Has Agricultural Productivity in Nigeria been Enhanced by ‘Growth Enhancement Support Scheme (GESS)’? pdf
Mupinda, Adam Chamunorwa Zimbabwe Private initiatives at reducing carbon emissions: A case study of the Kariba REDD+ project in Zimbabwe pdf

10th Cohort (2013 - 2015): 15 scholars

Course in Economic Policy
Name Country Thesis Title Thesis Abstract
Adhikari, Balkrishna Nepal Fertility and Child Mortality – An Empirical Analysis in Developing Countries pdf
IKA 'ANA LOTUMA FALEFEHI Tonga Income and children's education in widow-headed households in Tonga pdf
Irumba, Harold Uganda The Impact of Fertilizer Subsidy on Fertilizer Use and Productivity of Small-scale Rice Farmers in Tanzania pdf
Yimer, Seleshe Abiyot Ethiopia Informal institutions as risk coping strategies: Labor sharing in rural Ethiopia pdf
Sry, Bopharath Cambodia On the effectiveness of land titling program in rural Cambodia pdf
Nema, Atip Nelson Papua New Guinea Education and Child Health: An Empirical Analysis of the Effect of Mother’s Education on Child Height and Weight in Papua New Guinea. pdf
Mtenje, Tom Malawi Selection Effects on Season of Birth Variation in Later Life Outcomes: The Case of Education Attainment in Malawi. pdf
Lachin Bayyayeva Turkmenistan Analysis of Variations in Discount Rates and Education through Loans as Consumption Smoothing Mechanism pdf
Kumari, Reshmi Fiji Did Land Tenure Insecurity Cause Decline in Productivity and Investment in Sugar Industry? Evidence from Fiji pdf
Nkomo, Sifiso Blessing Zimbabwe The Long-Run Impact of Working-Age Adult Mortality on Asset Accumulation: The Case of Kagera, Tanzania pdf
Course in International Public Policy
Name Country Thesis Title Thesis Abstract
Alimansyah, Maman Indonesia Tax Administration Reform in Indonesia from the Aspect of Internal Personnel Performance
Alidodov, Vatani Tajikistan Community-Based Ecotourism Development in Tajikistan’s Pamir Region: Community Participation and Attitudes towards Ecotourism Development
Humayun, Qaisar Pakistan Analysis of Capacity Building of Civil Servants in Pakistan: A Case of the Promoting Professional Excellence (2007-2013) of the Planning Commission
Malaidza, Christen Martin Malawi The Effects of Research and Extension Policies on Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS): A Case Study of High-Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) Industry in Malawi
Mukwena, Vengai Zimbabwe Coordinated Border Management in Southern Africa: A Case Study of the Zimbabwe Chirundu One - Stop Border Post (OSBP)
Moyo, Sifikile Zimbabwe Aid Effectiveness in Zimbabwe: Evidence from ZUNDAF HIV/AIDS Thematic Group (2007-2013)

9th Cohort (2011 - 2013) : 15 scholars

Course in Economic Policy
Name Country Thesis Title Thesis Abstract
Gaihre Ram Hari Nepal Can household survey measure women’s roles in household decisions?: Evidence from Nepal pdf
Kikabi John Vernon Hari Uganda Assessing the Impact of Agricultural Extension: A Case of National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) in Uganda pdf
Tuan Anh Hoang Vietnam The impact of migration and remittances on household income in Vietnam pdf
de Alwis D. J. Jayasundara Mudalige Diana Sri Lanka Environmental Consequence of Trade Openness for Environmental Goods (EGs) pdf
NJERI WANJIKU KEZIAHRUTH Keyna Impacts of Working Adult Mortality on Child Schooling and Labor in Kenya pdf
NDUNGU KARUGU BENSON Keyna Effect of the 2007 Post Election Violence in Kenya on Firm Entry Behaviour pdf
Course in International Public Policy
Name Country Thesis Title Thesis Abstract
Ahmad Nadeem Pakistan Micro-foundations of Institutional Changes in Development Cooperation: A Discursive Analysis of South-South Cooperation pdf
Gulumba Tikomenji Liness Malawi Pre-Colonial Institutional Roots of Political Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa pdf
Sibande Mndhlanyoka Steve Malawi Policy Adrift: A Review of Malawi's Agricultural Extension System pdf
Sanchez Manabat Emerson Philippines Negotiating Identities and Peace: Indigenous Movement and the Peace Process in southern Philippines pdf
Narbaev Shokirovich Shuhrat Uzbekistan An Analysis of Japan’s Foreign Aid Allocation to Thailand pdf
ALI MUHAMMAD Pakistan Microfinance in Pakistan: An Analysis of Microfinance Institute’s Target Market and Sustainability pdf
NYACURU FELISTER Kenya Transformation of Kenya's Judiciary towards accomplishing Independence pdf
Mamazhanova Kalmatovna Aichurek Kyrgyz Republic Social Remittances for Entrepreneurship Development in the Kyrgyz Republic: Case Study of Birlik Ayil Okmotu  pdf

8th Cohort (2009 - 2011) : 22 scholars

Course in Economic Policy
Name Country Thesis Title Thesis Abstract
Paul NGUGI Waweru Kenya Impact of 10/20 Policy on Child Mortality and Other Health Outcomes in Kenya pdf
Jane WAIRIMU Kenya Parental Morbidity and School Participation in Kenya pdf
Habel LISASI David Tanzania Poverty and Household Composition as Determinants of Child Labour and Schooling in Tanzania pdf
Emilian KARUGENDO Nestory Tanzania What Do Standard Measures of Poverty Not Explain; Evidence From Tanzania's Daily Data pdf
Debosree BANERJEE India Investigating the Role of Women in Children's Human Capital Development: Evidence from India pdf
Debasis TIARI India Predicting Market Timing Using Macrovariables: Evidence from India pdf
Amartuvshin TSERENNADMID Mongolia Nutrient consumption and poverty in Mongolia pdf
Chingunjav AMARSANAA Mongolia The Extensive Margin of International Trade: The Case of Mongolia. pdf
Carlos Sebastian GUEVARA AGUIRRE Ecuador The Role of Ecuadorian State on Labor Market: Links Between Public Sector and Unemployment Rate pdf
Karina Sayuri SATAKA BUGARIN Brazil Live Women! An Assessment of the Programa Viva Mulher's Impact on Mortality due to Cervical Cancer in Brazil pdf
Course in International Public Policy
Name Country Thesis Title Thesis Abstract
Engel lou Perucho VILLAREAL Philippines Spiraling Down into Corruption: The Case of Philippine Broadcast Media pdf
Shiva Raj NEUPANE Nepal The ILO Conventions and Child Labour in Nepal pdf
Carlos Mario Urtecho Nicaragua The Sandinista-Liberal Pact and its Impact on Democratic Consolidation in Nicaragua: Ten Years of Politicized State Branches pdf
Dinakar RADHAKRISHNAN India International Technology Transfers and the Role of Governments: A Study on Japanese Official Development Assistance to the Railway Sector in India pdf
Roberto Fernando ALARCON LAZARTE Peru Co-benefits Strategies for Sustainable Policies on Air Pollution in Cities of Developing Countries pdf
Ursula Kcenia PARRILLA Guatemala Community Forest Concessions in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala: Property and Access in a Contested Territory pdf
Dorcas Mwandembo SHAMBI Kenya The Effectiveness of Special Education for HIV Infected Children. The Case of Kenya pdf
Mamadou Faliou SARR Senegal Japanese Anti-Nuclear Weapons Movement: Leveraging Transnational Networks and Political Opportunity Structures pdf
Natalina Hari CHRISTIANI Indonesia Evaluating Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Indonesia: a Case of Family Hope Program (PKH) in Mojokerto Regency, East Java Province pdf

7th Cohort (2007 - 2009) : 14 scholars (click green square to expand)

Name Country Thesis Title Thesis Abstract
Julio Mancuso Trandenta Cesar Argentine Japanese FDI Strategies: The Effect of Distance and Skilled-labor difference on more Vertical, Horizontal and Export Platform Structure pdf
Alma Cortes Selva Reyn Nicaragua Health, Income, Perception and Health Conditions in Mexico pdf
Angela Shayo Ufor Tanzania Public Spending in Education and Human Capital Development in Tanzania: A Case Study of Community Education Fund (CEF) pdf
Edwin Makamba Daniel Tanzania Parents Employment, Child Labor and Schooling: A Micro analysis from Tanzania pdf
Emmanuel Nwosu Onyeanunam Nigeria Monetary Policy and Output-inflation Volatility Interaction in Nigeria: Evidence from Bivariate GARCH-M Model pdf
Matheus Lage Alves de Brito Brazil Investments in Wind Energy in Brazil?: Comparing PROINFA and CDM project finance pdf
Andrew Nyirenda Chipiliro Malawi Household Asset Growth and Shocks in Malawi pdf
Hiram Mbatia Mwangi Kenya School Dropouts, Cognitive Ability and Statistical Discrimination in the Kenyan Labor Market pdf
Silas Mulwah Mutua Kenya Livelihood diversification and Kenyan rural households pdf
Md.Abdus Akanda Salam Bangladesh Demand for Health Care and Health Care Expenditure: A Household Survey in Bangladesh pdf
Anh Bui Thi Van Vietnam Formal credit and the impact on household’s welfare: New empirical evidence from Vietnam pdf
Sakeasi Ose Waikere Fiji Determinants of Poverty to Farmers in Fiji pdf
Khaing Saw Sape Myanmar Globalization and Change of Investment Environment in ASEAN pdf
Tatevik Poghosyan Armenia Network of Board Member in Armenian Industry, and Effects of Network Characteristics on the Performance of the Firms pdf

6th Cohort (2005 - 2007) : 14 scholars (click green square to expand)

Name Country Thesis Title Thesis Abstract
Cristian Pablo Castillo Chile Export Structure and Interest Groups: A Political Economy Approach to Chile's Foreign Trade, 1810-1970 pdf
Micheal Gitau Gituanja Kenya Effects of Firms and Workers Characteristics on Private Earnings Along Gender Line pdf
Hidayat Ullah Khan Pakistan The Impact of Earth Quake on the borrowers of Micro-Credi (Empirical Study of the areas of Pakistan hit by deadly earthquake in 2005) pdf
Wondielyn Quintero Manalo Philippines Distributional Implications of Power Sector Reforms in the Philippines pdf
Damaru Ballabha Paudel Nepal Role of Social Networks in Intra-national Labor Migration Decision in Nepal pdf
Renato Aristides Orozco Pereira Brazil World City Network Expansion 2000-2004 : An appraisal of the determinants of connectivity growth among world cities pdf
Miriam Usayi Zimbabwe Irrigation Technologies for Optimum Production in Drought Prone Zimbabwe pdf
Marco Antonio Fernandes Quadros Brazil Does Government Compensate Individuals If Individuals' Future Does Not Depend on Their Own Effort? -Empirical Evidence from a Cross-Country Analysis. pdf
Eutycas Kariuki Kamau Kenya Mortality and Human Capital Accumulation in Kenya pdf
Aye Mengistu Alemu Ethiopia "The Effects of Land Tenure Security and Transfer Rights on Crop Choices and Diversification : The Case of the Amhara Region of Ethiopia" pdf
David Alejandro Villamar Ecuador Corruption and electoral institutions: is compulsory voting accountable for higher corruption? pdf
Raquel Kimie Pereira de Sousa Tsukada Brazil Spatial aspects of poverty distribution: Frontiers of an industrial city in the Brazilian Amazon pdf
Xuan Wei China Market Valuation of Companies' Particiaption in the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) pdf

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