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Designated University for JICA Scholarships & PEPP


We are pleased to announce that the University of Tsukuba, including PEPP, has been chosen as a designated university for JICA scholarships (provided to enable pursuit of a master’s degree and/or doctoral degree).

The scholarship available for those who wish to pursue a master’s degree with PEPP is the “Master’s Degree and Internship Program of African Business Education Initiative for Youth”.

Although the scholarship was originally targeted at young individuals working in the private sector in Africa, its scope has been recently expanded, so that now we are able to accept students working in government ministries interested in studying public policy issues such as agricultural policy, fiscal policy, industrial policy, health policy, environmental policy etc.

JICA scholarships for those wishing to pursue a doctoral degree, open to candidates from other areas around the world, not just from the African continent, include: “SDGs global leader program,” “Investment Promotion and Industrial Development for Asian Region,” and “Agricultural Studies Network for Food securities”.

Scholarships for doctoral degrees are very competitive, with candidates required to demonstrate several important points to JICA: 1) the capacity to finish and obtain a doctoral degree within three years (the scholarship is limited to three years), 2) a good transcript record and publication record, 3) evidence that a candidate’s adviser is very interested in the candidate project and is happy to be the adviser, 4) the project’s feasibility in terms of data collection, 5) the doctoral study is supported by the candidate’s current workplace supervisor.

For candidates interested in the above scholarships, contact your regional JICA office:








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